Cameron Diaz hides her face, leaving the clinic of plastic surgery

Камерон Диаз прячет лицо, выходя из клиники пластической хирургии

Hollywood star Cameron Diaz has repeatedly said that it is against any interference in a person’s appearance, unless special circumstances dictate it. Cameron claimed that it intends to aging beautifully and doesn’t want to turn to plastic surgeons for a facelift, because after such procedures, patients are on one person.

Imagine the surprise of fans Diaz, when the paparazzi caught her at the exit of the clinic of plastic surgery.

Spice this situation adds to the fact that Cam had covered his face folded white scarf, clearly implying the paparazzi, that at the moment their attention for it is undesirable.

What do you think, what questions the clinic can discuss Cameron?

We will remind, the actress promotes the adoption of its age and corresponding changes in appearance. Diaz even wrote a book dedicated to this issue.

Its a big mistake Diaz believes Botox injections, because after these procedures, her face changed noticeably: “It’s so weird to have changed my face, and I thought I didn’t want to look like that. I’d rather see my face aging than a face that absolutely does not belong to me”.