Cameron Diaz explained why she left in the shade

Камерон Диаз рассказала, почему она ушла в тень

For several years, Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz enjoys a quiet family life with a musician, Benji Madden. It does not appear neither at social events or on the covers of glossy magazines. One gets the impression that the celebrity is simply resting from the busy Hollywood life.

The latest film starring Cameron Annie was released in 2014 and ever since it disappeared from the radar of the media. Yesterday, Diaz is still there at the summit Goop”s Wellness Summit, hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow. That’s where she got the reporters with questions.
“I just left, and I can’t even explain why. I felt that I need to get my shit together” — Cameron said the question of where is she gone. Married lady Cameron is very different from what it was before. Marriage changed her internally.

“I had Boyfriends, but my husband is. quite different. My husband is my partner in life. We are very different from each other but share the same values. We are definitely two peas in a pod.
I look at him and see a man with whom I can be myself. It does not overwhelm me with your jealousy, we are equal participants in the marriage. I never loved and I can feel it. Benji constantly inspires me. He works so hard and he is so talented. I was incredibly lucky” — poured her husband’s compliments to Cameron.
Recall that Diaz married a Madden in 2015, just seven months after the start of their romance.