Came to the goal: Kandelaki finally perfect abs

Пришла к цели: у Канделаки наконец-то идеальный пресс

Tina boasted cubes, and fans breathed: well, finally!

Popular TV presenter and businesswoman can be easily called one of the sports stars of Russia. Tina Kandelaki a gym, plows and on weekends and holidays, considering himself a motivator and role model.

41-year-old star trains hard, dieting, and develops new programs of training with fitness trainers expensive club, as regularly reported in his microblog.

But there is a caveat: despite all the efforts, the figure of Tina for a long time was far from ideal. It would seem that when you’re doing so much, must be a walking anatomy textbook already, Kandelaki and muscle relief did not differ. Fans are advised Tina to change coach or cease to deceive, they say, how can every day to do not have still a perfect figure?

Photo: @tina_kandelaki, @tina_kandelaki
Пришла к цели: у Канделаки наконец-то идеальный пресс

Kandelaki did not respond to the attacks, but apparently the process of losing weight it is also not pleased, and she continued to train harder.

And could when you really wanted! In the microblog she shared a photo which is not similar to itself: dried and embossed. And with the press, like a washing machine: all the blocks count can be!

“Soon, soon the New year… Pounds we carry. Well, we run forward” – coyly signed photo with Tina.

In fact, the experts always warn women who have no problems with the figure, but is the goal to gain weight for relief or just to lose weight the less extra pounds on your body, the heavier the weight goes.

Once Kandelaki answered numerous questions from fans, why her daily activities and diet.

“I’ve never been thin and never thin will not. But I like it when my fingers do not sink in the shower in the muscles when the cleansing and instinctive feel tension in the muscle tone. Arms and legs, how beautiful may create nature, dragline our rejoicing muscles can spoil any perfect God’s design. The body is given to us to implement our objectives, but on a detuned piano masterpiece still not played… So the tone. For this I do. I turn into a leggy blonde, but a brunette and lethargic don’t want to be” – shared his thoughts 41-year-old star.

Video posted by Tina Kandelaki (@tina_kandelaki) 21 Dec 2016 12:10 PST

What do you like more: when the body is textured or soft, but the tone?

  • Cubes and taut ass still did not disfigure any woman
  • In all important measure: activities need to be addressed, but not to the point of dried mummy
  • I believe that nature is not to win: you have to love myself for who I am
  • The soft feminine shape always like the men more. Ask Scarlett Johansson!
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