Came to light new details of the relations Spartaka Mishulina and Tatiana Eremeeva

Вскрылись новые подробности отношений Спартака Мишулина и Татьяны Еремеевой Classmate mistress of the actor spoke about their feelings. Faith Osberg flew in from Europe to share their memories. According to Tatiana Eremeeva, she’s not serious about the affair with Spartak Mishulin, but because she never thought to marry him.
Вскрылись новые подробности отношений Спартака Мишулина и Татьяны Еремеевой

For six months of tense discussion, the illegitimate son of the famous actor Spartaka Mishulina Timur Eremeeva. Examination laboratory, which chose the legitimate daughter of the artist Karina, gave a positive answer to the question of the relationship of the two men. However, the heir to the stars of the film “White sun of the desert” insists that the study was conducted with violations, and even suggests that the falsification of results. Now all the participants waiting for the new analysis, which will be held in one of the clinics of Europe.

For several programs, speak with experts and Studio guests discuss the situation. But Karina doesn’t appear on a talk show.

Earlier, the widow of Spartak Vasilyevich Valentina Konstantinovna has ruled out the possibility of romance on the side. According to the mother of Timur Eremeeva Tatiana, the famous actor met with her when she was still a schoolgirl. Family Mishulina did not believe the stories of women. However, today in Studio “Let speak” there was a witness to their relationship.

Вскрылись новые подробности отношений Спартака Мишулина и Татьяны Еремеевой“I remember now. Tatyana, beautiful girl, white teeth, beautiful smile. And coming to us Spartacus and says, “Girls, what grade are you in?” We say: “We are in the 10th” – “where are You going to do?” I remember when I so boldly replied, “I want to go to MEPhI”. And Tatiana said, “In the theatre.” Started a conversation about something they talked about some plays. Tatiana said that she knows some of the premiere, which I don’t know,” the classmate told mom Timur Faith Osberg.
Вскрылись новые подробности отношений Спартака Мишулина и Татьяны Еремеевой

According to women, Spartak Vasilyevich struck by the fact that the girl is genuinely interested in theatre. Faith answered on exciting many question, do not seem to them strange that a grown man starts a conversation with Schoolgirls. However, a classmate Tatiana said that at that time was not considered suspicious, when on the street to make conversation with strangers.

Osberg admitted that he had seen a pair, even when I moved to another city.

“It all happened in front of my eyes. When Tatiana went to Vologda, I moved to Leningrad, they, by the way, came to Spartak, and I have met them. The hotel “Oktyabrskaya” is what I remember. But Tatiana was then 20 years old. Is the man who is monogamous, that’s it. All my life loved a man,” recalled the woman.

However, Tatiana was not told about his feelings to her friends. Moreover, it is not as serious about the feelings of Spartak Vasilyevich.