Появились первые подробности съемок нового фильма о Джеймсе Бонде
The writers are preparing for fans of “007” surprise.

Daniel Craig

Photo: freeze-frame of the film “007: Spectrum”

The information that Daniel Craig will still play
007 in the 25th edition of the James bond film appeared at the beginning of July. Now
began to appear the first details story, protagonist
where you will become a hero Craig.

Reportedly, the script-based on the novel Never Dream Of Dying published in 1999. According to his will
the author bond, this time, will be faced with a rather unusual
enemy. It will be a criminal mastermind behind the secret
organization called “the Union”. But the most interesting thing that a bond villain
possessing extraordinary intelligence will be completely blind! That, however,
absolutely will not prevent him to be deadly…

The story begins in Paris, where as a result
unsuccessful raids of the police in the theater, innocent people die. And bond, who
began a romantic relationship with the star of the troupe, will be
embroiled in a story that, ultimately, will lead 007 to his
the chief enemy.

As it became known, the shooting of the film, the main producer of which was again Barbara Broccoli, will be closer to
the end of this year near the picturesque Croatian city of Dubrovnik. And
later moves to France and Japan. Although already announced the release date of the film
on the screens, viewers will be able to see him in 2019-th year, still has not finally approved the candidature
the role of the film. It is reported that currently negotiations are underway
Christopher Nolan, who directed three hugely successful
Batman movie. However, the contract Nolan
still not signed.