Келвин Харрис написал песню о романе Тэйлор Свифт и Тома Хиддлстона

To whom broken hearts are going to benefit – so it’s musicians. Love suffering can become inspiration for a pair of three hits, and the album as a whole. Calvin Harris, who recently broke up with Taylor swift and was quite unpleasantly surprised its rapidly developing romance with Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston, wrote a song about their love triangle.

New song Calvin expressed what he thinks about his former lady friend, namely, that she was dishonest with him and behind had an affair with another man. The song is written from Tom’s face, although Harris does not specify it, it is full of allegories. For example, Low key Loki, Tom’s character from “Thor.”
“I see it in your social networks that you behave like a good girl, traveling with her boyfriend. Keep on pretending.. My name is hidden in your phone, and you call me at any time to complain about how bad you feel with him. Leave him and run away from the hotel. Be quiet, don’t tell your friends about us..” — the song says.
Well, we have to wait for a response song from Taylor swift or is she too busy with new relations, to indulge in revenge through creativity.

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