Келвин Харрис веселиться в компании красавиц

What else can he do? DJ Calvin Harris, who a few weeks ago was a boyfriend of the famous singer Taylor swift, have fun in the company of beautiful girls and do not forget to put the photo on his page in the social network.

Келвин Харрис веселиться в компании красавиц
Recently, we reported that Harris very offended by a country singer because she so quickly had an affair with Tom Hiddleston. And the fact that it for the week took the time to meet with the parents of the new chosen, and all finished off musician, because for a year and a half spent with Calvin, she never did have free time.
But grief the guy is not going to. A few hours ago Harris posted a photo where he is depicted on the yacht in the company of brunettes.
“I write the songs” — signed picture Calvin (his Real name, by the way, Adam wiles). On the other Harris is pictured with his longtime friend and Director John Newman, with whom they work on a new project. Obviously, parting with Taylor was good for the musician and soon we will hear his new work.

Meanwhile, swift has fun with her new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.
“Taylor is so happy” — talk about her insiders.


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