Автор хитов Филиппа Киркорова и Софии Ротару скончался после болезни Toncho Rusev passed away in Bulgaria. Philip expressed his condolences to the family of the famous composer, and also thanked him for the joint work. That Rusev had a hand in creating the song “Sinbad the Sailor”, “you you You” and “Day and night”.
Автор хитов Филиппа Киркорова и Софии Ротару скончался после болезни

Bulgarian composer, toncho Rusev, who worked with Philip Kirkorov and Sofia Rotaru, died on 86-m to year of life. An elderly man died on Tuesday. Sad news Kirkorov announced in social networks. The actor thanked Rusev for the fruitful cooperation and noted that it is saddened by the incident.

“He was the author of my first songs that brought me my first success and popularity – “Sinbad the Sailor”, “Day and night” and a duet with Ani Lorak, “Ask the sea,” and, of course, my most beloved and dear to me, a song that brought me the greatest success and love of millions of fans back in 1990, — “you you You”… I offer my sincere condolences to all his family members and the whole Bulgarian people, which road these favorite songs which was decorated with the Bulgarian pop music for so many years,” wrote the artist in social networks.

Fans of Philip Kirkorov joined his condolences. Page toncho Ruseva appeared on Facebook a message from his relatives. According to relatives of the composer, he passed away after a battle with illness. About what disease faced Rusev, his family members said.

“Toncho Rusev left us after a short illness, a few days before his birth. He wrote over a thousand songs, has won dozens of prestigious awards at Bulgarian and international music competitions. Tono, Rusev has left a trace in Bulgarian pop music. A great musician, but above all he was a great man. Rest in peace!” – shared friends of the composer.

Those who personally knew Ruseva, share memories about him in social networks. Poet Margarita Petkova admitted that he will always miss the composer. “He was an artist, kissed by God,” said activist literature. The young singer Yordan Markov was lucky enough to work with Rosewyn. The actor has expressed admiration for his work. “Take that hat off, tono! I believe that you’re in a better place where you continue your mission, because there is no one like you,” asked Markov to a colleague.

Tono, Rusev was born on 20 April 1932 in the city of Burgas, located in the South-East of Bulgaria. Parents of the future composer was the railroad – the father worked as a locomotive engineer, and his mother was an employee of the Bulgarian state Railways. Parent, concho sold the watch that he was involved in music. Since childhood Ruseva was inspired by the sea, which he later captured in his work.

For several decades, tonko penned hits for famous Bulgarian artists. The audience he is remembered thanks to the collaboration with Lili Ivanova, Vasil Naidenov, Veselina Marinova and other stars. In addition, the composer had the opportunity to work with Philip Kirkorov, Sofia Rotaru and Dagmara Frederick. Most of their songs Rusev composed to the poems of native poets.