Ситцевая свадьба: как прожили год в браке Татьяна Навка и Дмитрий Песков The triumph of a skater and the press Secretary of the President told the entire country. Lovers formalized the relationship in Sochi, where they gathered for the feast closest friends. Throughout the year, Tatiana Navka shared touching moments of life, Dmitry Peskov.

      Ситцевая свадьба: как прожили год в браке Татьяна Навка и Дмитрий Песков

      Exactly a year ago in Sochi was a happy event, which connected heart’s Tatiana Navka and development (OECD). Press Secretary of the President and Olympic champion exchanged wedding rings and vows in love and fidelity. The celebrity wedding was held behind closed doors, but the Internet has got photos and videos from the celebration, published by guests.

      Among the guests at a sumptuous Banquet, there were many famous people: Yana Rudkovskaya with the family, Valentin Yudashkin with his wife, daughter and son-in-law, Alika Smekhova, Inna Malikova, Hope Obolentseva, designer Anastasia Rogozina, socialite Mila Mitvol.

      The best moments of celebration in Sochi

      The main celebration, the newlyweds spent in a luxury hotel Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA. The decorations took a few thousand colors. “Today is processed and has trained more than 5,000 flowers for the decoration of the wedding our champion Tatiana Navka – shared the night of the Banquet one of the wedding florists in the social network. Such beautiful and fragrant flowers I’ve ever seen!” The guests were entertained by presenters Dmitry Khrustalev and Catherine Barnabas, and took the stage, Philip Kirkorov, Alexander Buinov, Nikolai Baskov and other stars.

      “StarHit” decided to recall what was memorable this year fans of Tatiana Navka and development (OECD), and what happened during this time in their lovely family.

      Ситцевая свадьба: как прожили год в браке Татьяна Навка и Дмитрий Песков

      A month after the wedding she already returned to the ice. The skater went on to perform in the show Ilya Averbuch “Carmen,” where she plays the main female role. In between performances and rehearsals Navka had a rest, sunbathed, swam and spent time with his youngest daughter Hope.

      We will remind, the girl was born in August 2014. First Navka and Sand in every possible way protected the baby from too much attention from the public. At the age of little more than a year, the pair christened Hope. In October last year, the Pastor said in his microblog about the dedication of girls to the faith. “Today is a beautiful day! Christened our Hope!” – succinctly stated the athlete in October of last year.

      Navka and Sand showed the family idyll

      In late March, fans of the grooves have received a huge charge of positive energy after the star posted a touching photo of daughters with daddy. In the picture, Dmitry Peskov, sitting on the shoulders of his father. “With my daughter and awesome in the pants,” commented frame Tatiana Navka, making allusion to the famous song of the group “Leningrad” “Exhibit”. Interestingly, scarlet trousers of assistant to the President liked the most followers Tatiana.

      It is worth noting that even though the skater and began to publish the pictures of the little heiress, but she chose those angles where the girl’s face is not visible. So fans of the star couple had only to guess which of the parents is more like Hope.

      However, revealed the intrigue with a length of almost two years, not the Pastor, and producer Yana Rudkovskaya. Wife Olympic figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko posted in may in his microblog a picture in which is seen the face of an angel daughter of Tatiana and Dmitry.

      Tatiana Navka no longer hide the youngest daughter

      After this event, the star mom had no reason to continue to hide the baby, and she is beginning to publish a touching photo of her daughter at different angles. The delight of fans of Tatiana knew no bounds.

      So, for example, recently the skater has demonstrated that her daughter grows from childhood sports. Baby easily made the handstand is an exercise, incidentally, under force far not to each adult. “Sport since childhood, I respect the champion be a dream! And nobody ever taught,” wrote the star on social networks.

      Tatiana Navka: “In a bad mood I move furniture”

      Interestingly, family lifestyle, Dmitry Peskov, Tatiana Navka successfully combines creativity and work. Skater shines in evening dresses on the best social events in Russia and Europe, having a good time with friends, contributing to the development of figure skating and holds charity events.

      “Now my routine has changed: you get up not very early I’m a night owl – stay up late. Yes, and the routine of each day is now different: the tour, filming, meetings, rehearsals… – says the skater in an interview with “StarHit”. But in the morning I have a mandatory ritual to sit by the window, drink a Cup of coffee, to be alone with him, to make a schedule for the day. With regard to corporate events, accept them very rarely, although the proposal goes enough. It all depends primarily on what the company is, and not on the size of the fee. Preference is given to sports or children’s activities.”

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