Caitlin Jenner will become a grandmother

Кейтлин Дженнер станет бабушкой

To paraphrase a famous saying, if Caitlin Jenner stopped in time, there would be a grandfather. Famous TV star is transgender will soon become a grandmother. After the news that her son is preparing to become a father, kaitlyn got another surprise: her eldest daughter Cassandra is pregnant.

Cassandra (Casey) married Marino – daughter Caitlin-Bruce, born in marriage with Christie Crownover they were married in 1972 and 1981.
For 35-year-old Casey and her husband Mark, this will be the third child – she and her husband already raising two daughters Isabella and Francesca. It is already known that in October of this year they will be born long-awaited son.
Not so long ago in an interview with Diane the mark TWAIN Caitlin said that very much regrets his absence in the lives of older children Cassandra, Burt, Brandon and Brody.
“Last year was a landmark for me. It’s not just a sex change – I was able to build relationships with loved ones, particularly with my older children. I talked with each of them, and did a great job. Of course, apologized to them for what little time devoted to them before,” said Caitlin, in which, probably, awoke the maternal instinct.
Casey also once commented on his relationship with his father.
“We have a very complicated relationship. He simply disappeared from our lives and were not interested in us, me in particular. So I really hope that now everything will be different” said Cassandra.

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