Caitlin Jenner offered ex-wife to “renew vows”

Кейтлин Дженнер предложила бывшей жене «обновить клятвы»

Former husband of the star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Kris Jenner, who is now one of the most famous female transgender Caitlin Jenner invited my ex-country to visit. Of course, not just so, and to participate in his reality show “I’m Kate”, during the filming of which Caitlin suggested that they with Chris in some way needs to renew their wedding vows.

“What? I will have another diamond ring?” — laughing, asked Chris.
“Don’t want you deceived in their hopes. I now also need a diamond ring” — retorted Caitlin.
During the conversation the women concerned and their difficult separation, which occurred in 2014 due to the transformation of Bruce-Caitlin.
“I think the last few years have been very difficult for you. I’ve disappointed you and myself, I was also disappointed. I just want to apologize to you for everything, for their bad behavior. I oughtn’t to do many things that I did, and it was not necessary to tell you hurtful words that I spoke. I shouldn’t behave so. I want you has always been a part of my life”. — Kate said.
Chris was touched and even a little shocked by such revelations by a former husband. With melted clear that this was what she needed to hear.
“I shouldn’t have come today. These words, why I’m here now. I want to say that I still love you and the kids still adore you” — Chris said.
Recall that the Bruce’s children-Caitlin already resigned to the new look of his father and stepfather, but grandchildren were unable to get used to new forms of his grandfather, who suddenly became a grandmother. So, the eldest grandson of Bruce Mason continues to avoid meeting with Caitlin, but she is not offended. Jenner is for sure, the kid just needs time.

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