Caitlin Jenner in childhood experienced violence

Кейтлин Дженнер в детстве пережила насилие

All the complexes and deviations of an adult from childhood. This truth confirms Kathleen Jenner. Famous reality TV star, and in the past – a famous American athlete-an Olympian as a child he endured abuse, and that trauma haunts him. It is possible that it pushed him to a sex change.
About pediatric trauma society told journalist Ian Halperin, a close family friend of the Jenner-Kardashian and a personal biographer Caitlin-Bruce.

“When Bruce told me that when he was a child, he was subjected to sexual violence, but who was the rapist – he was not recognized. I know he didn’t tell anyone else about it, but this injury haunted him all his life” — said the journalist.
It is possible that the violence was committed by members of the family of Bruce. In the memoirs of 1996 “Find a champion” written by athlete, Jenner said that some of the members of the family (he does not name the offender) was tied clothesline rope to a post in the middle of the yard. Is this the key to the tragic story of his childhood, Bruce is Caitlin said. Recently Jenner not especially talkative – all the sensation, she saves her reality show “I’m Kate”.

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