Caitlin Jenner first played tennis as a woman

Кейтлин Дженнер впервые сыграла в теннис как женщина

Famous American female transgender Caitlin Jennerreturned to the old practice in a new capacity. As Bruce, a former Olympic athlete, Jenner is often played sports – Golf and tennis were favorite activities celebrities. Now, after complex transformations, it is returned to them, in a new form.

Despite the fact that, at last, “the most important” surgery Bruce-Caitlin still has not decided, for his first game of the transgender picked a short skirt for tennis.
Jenner, along with his longtime friend, soccer legend Abby Wambach, took part in the match ANA Pro-Am, held at the California Ranch Mirage a few days ago.
The game went well, blows Kate were confident and powerful. The woman was held in 1/18 of the tournament. Maybe if the reality show TV star “I am Kate” still cover up, she still had time to establish myself as a tennis player.

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