Кафе, в котором обидели сестру Натальи Водяновой, сгорело For 48-the summer owner it was a serious blow. The perpetrators of arson to date, have not been found. Despite the fact that the conflict between the family of Natalia and the staff of the cafe has long been settled, mom and sister models try to avoid the place where a year ago they got in trouble.

      Кафе, в котором обидели сестру Натальи Водяновой, сгорело

      This big story happened a year ago: August 11, sister of supermodel Natalia Vodianova rudely asked to be removed from the Nizhny Novgorod cafe “Flamingo”, where she came with a babysitter. The 27-year-old Oksana autism and cerebral palsy, she needed to rest. Supposedly she frightened the visitors with their appearance and behavior. Her assistant immediately dialed mom Vodianova. She immediately rushed to the scene. The trouble: the owners of the café called the police in response to family model wrote a statement for them…

      The conflict was resolved literally in a month Natalia Vodianova with family and the property was found at the same table and quietly talked. But the matter is not over…

      “People are different. After hearing the story that offended sister Vodianova, someone out of revenge, not understanding the situation, just burned down cafe “Flamingo”, – says Vidadi Abbasov, friend of the owner. – It happened on the night of November 29. Ahmed Bayramov suddenly lost business and acquired a lot of debt, and to be in that position in 48 years – a serious blow”.

      Кафе, в котором обидели сестру Натальи Водяновой, сгорело

      The perpetrators of arson to date, never found. Bayramov caring neighbors and close friends helped a bankrupt businessman to raise money to hire workers to build a new institution. He Bayramov improved their health in the course of the trial, he complained to the doctors for high blood pressure and pain in my heart and now works as a cook in the renovated place.

      Кафе, в котором обидели сестру Натальи Водяновой, сгорело

      “Although all over the world in Avtozavodskiy Park we with Oksana still do not go, – says Larissa Kusakina, mother Vodianova. – Every day we select new routes through the city, the streets and yards, depending on how many daughters forces. In General, we walk a lot – sometimes two, and sometimes all four hours.”

      Special children stars through the wall of indifference

      Children with such features, as noted by Larisa Viktorovna, have excellent memory. So Oksana is still not forgotten the incident. During the walks they often go to different restaurants and cafes, many are recognized and treated very politely. After the conflict, such situations do not arise.

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