Cable clips manufacturing plant “ecoplast”: important consumable for secure transactions

Кабельные хомуты производства завода «Экопласт»: важный расходный материал для надежности проводки

The reliability of the wiring and its safety largely depend on the cable clamps (cable ties) is important consumable, the quality of which cannot be ignored. That is why preference should be given to the suggestion of one of the recognized leaders in the production of plastic clamps — factory “EKOPLAST”. The available range is fully presented on the company website. A book of screed “EKOPLAST” delivery here. On this page, posted photos and prices on all types of this product.

The main thing you need to consider when buying cable clamps

An important factor affecting the choice of screed is its material. This figure is more important than functionality. The market today, you can find two versions of cable clamps “EKOPLAST”, made of nylon and polyethylene. The last option, despite its affordable cost and other positive characteristics, is not able to provide reliable fastening. In addition, the softness of the material complicates the installation process — the tail of the clamp is not convenient to insert into the lock and separate structural elements.

Given the above challenges, you might encounter when using plastic ties, the choice becomes obvious — only polyamide (nylon) products.

Other selection parameters based on the destination and important characteristics

You also need to consider the type of cable tie. Standard option — disposable connector with lock, suitable for different situations as foreseen, unforeseen or temporary solution. These clamps vary in length, width and color. For fastening their attention to the design element. There are also more advanced models, equipped with a mounting hole. They can be securely fasten with screws or bolts. These clamps characteristic not such a wide range of different color, the cross section and length. But if we can find a suitable size, for rapid and reliable installation it is recommended to choose them.

Cable ties are often called hamutenya holders and the anchor-clamps. But if we consider in more detail their structural features, it is possible to notice that the dowel-clamp is a quality fixture that is suitable for the cable. But he is not a screed, as it has its own installation nuances, made from other materials.