C spark: the couple had a photo session during a fire

C огоньком: молодожены устроили фотосессию во время пожара

Incredible event occurred on the wedding celebration in new Jersey, USA.

What would you do if your luckiest day of life, wedding ceremony, suddenly there was a fire? Probably, at least, very upset. But the couple Allison Russoniello and Kevin Duffy obratili nuisance in their favor. They staged a romantic photo session against the background of a fire truck, and then was invited to a party all arrived on fire!

The other day during the wedding celebration of Allison and Kevin sounded the siren sound. It turned out that in the house the fire broke out. The couple and the guests ran outside.

“What do we do now? Really cry?” asked Allison, Kevin, writes the American edition of Woman’s Day, and embraced him. At this moment a couple and noticed the photographer, drew Noel.

“I saw them embracing in the dark around a fire engine and decided to make the frame. And, that not expecting, made the best shot of all!” admitted then drew Noel.

Photo of Addison and Kevin during the arrival of the fire really was incredibly romantic and touching. At least it was different from typical wedding pictures. Noted and Internet users on the official website of drew Noel.

By the way, after the fire at the wedding was extinguished. The party continued. Only now the guests were joined by a joyful fire.