C pitt acquitted of charges of cruel treatment of children

C Питта сняты обвинения в жестоком обращении с детьми

Brad pitt won an important victory in the confrontation with Angelina Jolie in the present case about child custody.

We will remind, the police of Los Angeles and the service for the protection of children and families conducted an investigation against the actor, who was suspected verbal and physical violence against children. As reported by the website TMZ, the incident that became the subject of the proceedings, which allegedly occurred during a trip on a private jet. During the flight pitt allegedly threw a tantrum, shouted and beat children. When the plane landed, the actor continued to scream already on the runway.

And here in reality is the point – after was rasprodany pitt, his wife, children and other witnesses to the alleged incident, the actor was cleared of all charges – no verbal and physical violence against their children he did not commit.

Now Angelina has become much less reason to insist on full custody of their six children, and the court more reason to side with brad, who wants joint custody. However, according to the site RadarOnline, citing its own sources, Angelina is not going to surrender: it is hoped that the court will side with her, full custody was awarded to her and pitt will be permitted only in so-called supervised visits when the date of the father with children present family psychologist.