C Брайана Хикерсона сняли все обвинения

26 September 2019, the court rendered the decision on dismissal of the charges against Brian Hickerson about domestic violence. Yesterday, 30-year-old actor appeared at the courthouse in Los Angeles, journalists note the fact that the man was extremely excited. After Brian looked calm and confident, because he was cleared of all charges.

C Брайана Хикерсона сняли все обвинения

Recall that Brian was accused of domestic violence. On 2 may, he caused bodily injury to his beloved, the actress Hayden panettiere. The neighbors called the police, who took Hickerson to the station for details on the girl’s body had numerous injuries and bruises. The actor was cleared of all charges for lack of witnesses of this incident. It can only talk about one thing: Hayden panettiere refused to confirm the fact of violence against them.

Immediately after the arrest of Brian, he was released for bail, some sources wrote that the money made for a loved one the victim, but no official confirmation of this. The actor though was released, but closer to Hayden he was forbidden a security warrant. If the girl gave her testimony, that Hickerson would be deprived of freedom for four years.

It was not the first case when a couple were arguing before the beating, but the actress never reported your lover what’s more, she continued a relationship with him. Now Hayden panettiere has moved to new York, away from ex-boyfriend. In early September, it was captured by paparazzi on the streets for the handle with his brother Brian – Zack Hickerson.

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