Жена Игоря Николаева чуть не родила в такси Yulia Proskuryakova told about emergency childbirth. A little over two years ago, a pregnant woman composer Igor Nikolaev went to Jurmala. She was going to go back and give birth in Moscow, but I went into labor unexpectedly. Julia almost gave birth in a taxi.
Жена Игоря Николаева чуть не родила в такси

Child Yulia Proskuryakova from Igor Nikolaev long-awaited and very welcome. The couple had been married for five years, before learned that will soon become parents. Information about the fact that Yulia is expecting a baby very quickly leaked to the press, and the young wife of the famous author of Soviet and Russian hits have started to attack journalists. The doctor advised a pregnant Julia to leave for a while somewhere quiet and peaceful to protect themselves and the unborn child from the scrutiny of others. Julia went to the Latvian resort Jurmala, where the family has a large two story house. She was going to come back, because until birth, there were still two whole weeks, but her daughter had other plans. Yulia remembered in the program of Timur Kizâkova “When all the houses” on the channel “Russia 1”.

Жена Игоря Николаева чуть не родила в такси“I was going to relax in Jurmala and to return to Moscow for the birth. But my daughter had other plans. So one night I went into labor… Thank God mom was there, we called a taxi, go. And you know this Latvian temperament. I say to the driver: “my water broke. It can be a little faster?!” And he slowly pulls: “don’t worry, I’m in the car five times gave birth,” – said Yulia Proskuryakova.
Жена Игоря Николаева чуть не родила в такси

In a local hospital, Julia still had time, and 8 October 2015 came to light her daughter Veronica. The baby was given a first degree of prematurity, but the child quickly began to gain weight. Now Veronika Nikolaeva for two years and three months, the girl says well. Her mother Julia remembered how the daughter became very sick. “I was so worried, apparently, the child felt it. And suddenly it is three hours a night wakes up, touches me and says, “Mommy, don’t be afraid. Do not be afraid!” And fell asleep. I’m up to five in the morning couldn’t sleep. How is it, where did she get these words?” – asks Julia.

Famous parents doted in my little girl, but try not to indulge.

“I don’t know what kind of life will get to Veronica. It’s absolutely not depend on material well-being or activities. I have a feeling that people will still learn from their own mistakes. And we will tell you what can happen to be there and not spoil,” – said Igor Nikolaev.

We will remind, Igor Nikolaev has another child from his first marriage. The eldest daughter, Julia, who is now 39 years old, lives in America and works with the pharmaceutical industry. The musician admits that absolutely cannot tell the difference between the sensation of paternity in 20 and 50 years. “I say that perhaps you’ve become more responsible. And I have to be honest – has not changed. Main simultaneous emotion now and then, you want to run to the small home,” – said Igor Nikolaev.