«Бузова утерла нос Тарасову»: Алена Водонаева осудила бывшего мужа телеведущей Alain Vodonaeva still can’t believe that the player took Olga Buzova donated car. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” believes that men should be generous, but the girls cautious, because in the case of divorce, not everyone will be able to earn a fortune.
«Бузова утерла нос Тарасову»: Алена Водонаева осудила бывшего мужа телеведущей

The situation in the former family of Olga Buzova did not discuss only the lazy. Here and fellow TV stars on the perimeter decided to speak out about the vile act of Dmitry Tarasov, almost didn’t recognize that the player has laid two cars, one of which once belonged to his ex-wife.

Alain Vodonaeva admitted that he does not understand men, ready after the break to take away all their gifts. Such prospects, according to a leading, I must run away, otherwise you can stay with nothing. With the exception, perhaps, was only Buzova, which not only managed to maintain their wealth after the divorce, but also to increase it.

“Now, girls, get ready to stay on the street with nothing. Olga is a hard worker that will never fail, but not all girls are popular shows, and, let’s be honest, few of us are able to outdo the former” – reasoned Vodonaeva.
«Бузова утерла нос Тарасову»: Алена Водонаева осудила бывшего мужа телеведущей

Alena herself last year, she married musician Alex Cosine. Despite the fact that her husband bought her an apartment in St. Petersburg, the family most of the time still holds in Moscow. Save the presenter does not try, preferring to spend most of their time travelling.

However Vodonaeva does not exclude that there are women that do not matter – whether the man gives gifts or not. However, she does not understand how the girl would be uncomfortable if her partner will arrange a little surprise.

The TV star admitted in an interview with “7 days” that many put up with the fact that their husbands does not spoil.

“I recently watched an interview of the widow of film Director Alexei Balabanov. She told me that she never got a gift from him, except a tooth brush and paints for painting, but explained that their feelings were above the material. Sorry, Hope not felt this anxious feelings when favorite comes with a surprise. But well, that for their love it did not matter,” – says Alain.