Бузова выпустит ароматизированные мемуары

TV presenter working on his own memoir and promises that it will be not only interesting reading, but also innovative. She is preparing the country’s first scented book!

Olga Buzova not know what a routine in her life every day something happens. Only recently, she told fans that started to write a book about yourself, as already followed by the news that her book would smell. Yes, that smell. Such books, the Russian readers have not seen!

“Just imagine, you open it, and the air fills with a wonderful aroma, – Olga tells Woman’s Day. — It gives a feeling of mild euphoria and include somewhere inside of you a little sun, which gives heat and light. I want to give this miracle to every reader his book”.

To create a scent for his book Olga flew to Berlin to meet with the perfumer Christophe Ludmilam.

“It’s a real armagani of the modern world, the author of world-famous fragrances Estée Lauder, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and many others. In 2006, he created 15 fragrances for the audience of the film and readers of the book “Perfume”. Its aromas filled the halls and during the first performances of the legendary film “Lord of the rings”. Also among the projects of the perfume – fragrant retrospective of the history of the European Union (1957-2012), black candle for Elton John and even an incredible number of brilliant works. To tell about each of them, I can’t even multi-page books, jokes Olga Buzova. — Soon wait video on the visit to Berlin. I’ll tell you what will be the flavor of my book and as Christophe put a spell on him”.

By the way, in the creation of flavored books Olga may outstrip actor Alex Lemar, known to viewers as the response from “Uni”. He is also preparing to print a book with the smell of “All in your hands”.

“This is the Manifesto of the 30-year-old, she will only be sold to people below this age, she will smell – not kidding, this is the first book that will have your scent – claimed in a recent interview with the actor. There will be black pages and white font, and it might even be player – all in order to create a certain atmosphere, understandable only 30-year-old people. Written book co-authored with businessman Ruslan, Tatanashvili”.

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