Buzova was preparing to become a mom before parting with Tarasov

Бузова готовилась стать мамой незадолго до расставания с Тарасовым Star didn’t expect her life to change dramatically overnight. In a recent interview, Olga Buzova admits openly that making plans for a life together with your loved one and even thought about adding to the family. However, the dreams of celebrity were not fulfilled.

      Бузова готовилась стать мамой незадолго до расставания с Тарасовым

      At the end of last year, Olga Buzova divorced footballer Dmitry Tarasov. The news that celebrity decided to disperse, caused a strong public resonance. Until recently, the stars preferred not to comment on his departure. However, several months later after she was a free woman, the girl broke the silence and found the strength to tell about the obstacles she had to overcome.

      Olga Buzova openly about divorce: “Beloved betrayed me”

      During the conversation with journalists the presenter frankly admitted that parting with a loved one was a great surprise for her. Literally the day before Olga found out about the intention of the husband to leave, the couple made plans together for the future. The star has already presented that very soon will become a mother, but her dreams never materialized. Buzova a long time could not understand why the ex-lover did it.

      “I had big plans for the future: house, kids, another dog. I can say that for a long time was ready to give birth, wanted to have his baby and we planned. Even the day before our separation. So my world collapsed overnight!.. In the October night I was faced with the fact that our family is no more. I really did not explain, was not given to recover. And immediately demanded to leave the apartment. Didn’t understand anything: really, after six years of marriage I don’t deserve to me normally talk,” shared leading.

      Leading been away from home, taking the suitcases with clothes and favorite dogs. Before the wedding with her lover, she signed the documents, which could not claim the property of her husband. “The marriage contract was a humiliation to which I just closed my eyes, because blindly loved,” notes celebrity.

      Divorce became Olga Buzova real tragedy. According to star, she could not calm down after a breakup with her husband. Leading even addressed to psychologists, but interviews with experts, did not bring her relief. After some time Olga started health problems: she couldn’t eat and suffered from insomnia. Against this background, Buzova even began to fall in syncopes. As I remember hardcore fans of Olga, in December last year, she had to lie under a dropper. “When I was dying, said to mom: “Does he spit?.. And the connection is broken completely, the bridges are burned,” said the girl magazine “Collection Caravan of stories”.