Buzova tried Frank wedding dress

Бузова примерила откровенное свадебное платье

TV presenter has published in his Instagram a picture in a wedding gown and gave him a meaningful signature.

Olga Buzova again surprised fans. This time the star of the show “Dom-2” has published in his Instagram a picture in a wedding dress. The outfit chosen by the presenter was quite candid. Apparently, Olga, tried it on for another photo shoot.

The choice of Olga Buzova fell on the white dress with a deep neckline and decorated with feathers. Thin straps and flowing hem gave a seductive wedding dress of romance and femininity. The caption under the picture can hardly be called a cheerful and life-affirming. Star signed the wedding poem Lana Alter “Angels one day tired”, which refers to the rupture of relations, sorrow and betrayal. Fans of the stars didn’t even pay attention to the overt style of dress and made no comments to the figure of Olga: the majority of commenters decided that Buzova problems in your personal life and you need to support it.

Meanwhile in the media there are rumors that Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov are at odds and are getting a divorce. Pair denies and disproves the speculation of fans. However, last month none of them has published a single joint image.