Buzova told about the times when she had no money

Бузова рассказала о временах, когда у нее не было денег

It is now a TV presenter, not looking at the price, buys clothes brands, and once her nothing to buy food.

Olga Buzova – a true Cinderella of our time. Once upon a time an unknown girl from St. Petersburg came to casting only in starting the project “House-2”.

Beautiful teen blonde liked all, without exception, so that it quickly became one of the most popular participants of the reality show.

The years went by, Olga Buzova lived on telestroke. And suddenly, in 2008, when the show left Ksenia Sobchak, replace it on the spot offered leading Olga Buzova. This career! Now glamorous blonde earns good money, can afford expensive clothes and trips in the best hotels. And of course, millions of girls across the country are jealous of famous blonde and dream of the same fate.

But, it turns out, there was a period in my life Buzovoy not a rainbow. At 16, she decided that they were ready to live alone, without the help of parents, but not calculated, what first steps would be so difficult.

“Sometimes I don’t even what it is – none of your money in your wallet, – recalls Olga, says “TV show”. I came to mom and dad to visit, pretended that I’m fine, and my little sister secretly gave me food so I could eat”.

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