Бузова задумалась о переезде в Испанию

However, only when she turns 70 years old.

Watching the life of a famous blonde, it’s safe to say she seconds not sit still. Leads of the popular show, plays in the entreprise, film TV shows, writes books, creates the flavors… And a lover never forgets the wife, always arranges it for all sorts of surprises!

It would seem that life is good. But Olga dreams about something else. About small and cozy house in Spain. However, not now, but when I retire.

“Life passes very quickly. I appreciate every day, I want my whole life was filled with vivid events, stories, projects. And when, in 70 years I’ll be sitting at home in Spain and around me are my children and grandchildren, and with me to sit my beloved husband, I will remember how happy and active I have lived a life” – told Buzova, writes LF CITY.

With children glamorous blonde is not in a hurry. Buzova has repeatedly said that she and her husband are still a lot of creative plans. For example, the presenter wants to build a career as an actress and even to shoot your own film.

Although without children himself wife life, too can not imagine. But while this role successfully perform two beloved dogs – Eva and Chelsea.

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