Бузова поддержала Воробьева после измены любимой The actor informed fans that flew to Moscow to surprise his beloved. To the disappointment of the musician, his lover was not ready to meet. According to Vorobiev, he accuses her of infidelity. Celebrity did not hide emotions and telling all on the Network. Some colleagues of Alexey supported him in a difficult situation.

      Бузова поддержала Воробьева после измены любимой

      At present Alexei Vorobyov lives in the USA. He is scheduled to shoot in an American series. That is why he very rarely fails to come to Moscow to meet with family and friends. However, this time the artist decided to cross the ocean to make a surprise to his beloved. It soon became clear that beloved Alexis was not ready to meet him. It appeared that during the absence of the musician that successfully settled personal life.

      Alexey Vorobyov had to permanently leave the country

      According to the artist, she betrayed him. It is obvious that she cheated on the man, therefore, he could not restrain his emotions and spoke in detail about the incident. Sparrows have published a picture with a favorite, in the comments under where you wrote that he was going to forget her. He also said that he would remember about the beloved, but everything else is planning to strike out and leave in the past. Fans are mad, read the words of the artist. They were plunged into shock, because did not know that their idol can happen like that.

      “I was flying for 13 hours, spent in Moscow, only 18 hours after leaving the plane and landing on a new flight, where I now hold back 13 hours in flight. And you know what? It was worth it. Now I know for sure that miracles do not happen. Came to at least a few hours to be with my girl, and go like a bachelor,” – wrote in Instagram actor.

      Sparrows have warned subscribers that any surprise obviously need to discuss with your loved one, otherwise it leads to unexpected consequences. By the way, he has no regrets about that don’t tell the girl in advance, because in this case he could not guess as to what is really going on in his personal life. Alex posted a photograph of his beloved lying in bed and hugging the dog the artist Elvis. “Remember us, okay? And the rest just erase it like it never happened. Erase your phone, fortunately I don’t remember it by heart, erase your photos, and erase you out of my life”, – shared the artist in the social network.

      Alex said that in his microblog ready to write what will fit. Therefore he indifferent to the attacks of enemies, who began to accuse him that he puts personal life on display. It should be noted that the man rarely talked about their own relationships, so many were surprised that he has a girlfriend. Despite this, they did not know that sparrows would catch her cheating when he was not expected.

      Alexey Vorobyov was intrigued by the intimate lover

      Some representatives of domestic show-business is not left out and supported the artist. Olga Buzova one of the first commented. She expressed the view that the betrayal is not forgiven, and the people who once went for it, I will definitely repeat my mistake. It seems that sparrows sooner or later I would know about it.

      Divorce of Olga Buzova: how was this “perfect marriage”

      Бузова поддержала Воробьева после измены любимой

      Alex is not left without attention the words of the leading “House-2” and confirmed it vyskazano idea.

      Бузова поддержала Воробьева после измены любимой

      Judging by the comments under one of the photos of the artist, singer Victoria Daineko also responded to the incident. She left the smiley Emoji that expresses condolences. Most likely, the young mother decided to write words of encouragement to Alex in person. Recall that Vorobiev and Dayneko met for about a year. There were rumors that the couple even planned to get married, but they soon parted. But this did not prevent them to establish good, friendly relations.

      Fans have left a sensitive matter and expressed their outrage. Most followers supported the singer. They asked him not to despair and to believe the best. According to them, every event in life has Opredelenie value. They think that this could happen at any time, so not much to worry. Commentators began to share their opinions about such frivolous act of a girl. Someone is harshly condemned her, and some asked not to intervene in the situation and to give themselves in love to solve the problem.

      “Alex, don’t worry. So it wasn’t worth it. No need to let the negativity in your life”, “human see you. It’s a shame, especially for quite a successful man to the gut”, All that is done, all the better. So, it had to happen, I’m sure you can do better. Hold on!”, “”You’ll be fine! Just not your person, sorry” – supported artist followers.