Бузова вступилась за мужа Варвиной после его скандального ухода из «Дома-2» The presenter was supported by Alexei Mikhailovsky, who left the post of the General producer of a reality show. According to the man, he decided to devote more time to family. Olga Buzova has urged fans not to believe the rumors that circulated in the Network.

Some time ago in the Internet appeared rumors that the General producer “Houses-2” Alexey Mihajlovsky leaves the project due to its low ratings. First it was claimed that the man standing at the origins of this reality show, was fired. Fans of telestroke was alarmed by this information and started to make assumptions about the reasons for such a reshuffle.

Later Alexei Mikhailovsky said that he decided to leave the team of the popular TV show. According to the producer, he’s going to focus on the second half of 2012 a man has legalized relationship with a former participant of the show Natalia Varvina. The couple has no children, but they dream about the new addition to the family. TV presenter Olga Buzova rushed to support Michael and Arvino. The girl urged the public not to pay attention to the raw data.

“My dear, a long time rumors about the departure of our General producer Alexei Mikhailovsky. I would like to dispel all the speculation. Alex was and remains a mentor and a friend. For me it was 13 years like a second dad. But he decided to go ahead and do everything for its happiness. Them Natasha Varvina have big personal plans. (…) I’m glad for you. Keep love and know that I’m always here,” said Buzova.

Alexei Mikhailovsky worked on the project “House-2” about 14 years. The first edition of the reality show aired in may 2004, the number of participants included Olga Buzova, Stepan Menshikov, Roman Tretyakov, Alena Vodonaeva, Olga “Sun” Nikolaeva, May Apricots, Elena Berkova and Stanislav and Oscar Karimov.

According to Michael, the telestroke is very popular due to the fact that there are no hard and fast rules. The constant changes that occur in the project contribute to the increase spectator interest. In 2014 opened the site of “House-2” in the Seychelles.

Five years ago, the producer married to Natalia Varvina, and a year later married her. “We hid for a long time relationship. Sympathy appeared in the summer of 2010, after the broadcast on the platform sat with Alex on the swings. I cried a lot because of the betrayal of a friend on the perimeter. Alex, who behind the scenes often helps participants advice, comforted,” – said the ex-member of telestroke “StarHit”.

In turn, Michael admitted that he and his wife prepare to become parents. Morally. According to the producer, he is a very responsible attitude to children. “The decision should be justified not only desire, but also opportunities,” added the husband of Marvinol. Natalia Varvina and Alexei Mikhailovsky: “We are going to become parents”