Buzova scared fans video from the hospital

Бузова напугала поклонников видео из больницы

TV presenter shared with fans a video where she is on a drip.

The life Buzova in Instagram watch more than 6 million subscribers. Fans of the star daily and comment and like every post stars find something to complain about and something to praise the idol.

Therefore, subscribers do not missed the sight of Olga’s videos, where she lay with a catheter in hand in a hospital bed. Apparently, the star of injections or a drip.

“Take care of yourself, signed His picture. — All health and good”.

Concerned fans pelted the presenter with questions about what happened to her, and wished a speedy recovery.

“The first time I see Buzova without a smile”, “get Well soon, Olga”, “Smile and everything will pass. Health to you and more power” – supported Buzova thousands of subscribers.

By the way, Buzova very busy schedule. Olga works all day at the site of the project, develops the designs for dresses of their brand, and is also involved in fotossesiya. A lot of shooting and meetings, as well as 30-year-old star manages to spend time with family and beloved husband.

Recall that in early September, Olga’s husband Dmitry Tarasov was seriously injured during a game with the Turkish team, after which he needed a serious operation. Buzova most of her time with her husband and helped to recover.