Buzova repainted in pink, Nyusha – red

Бузова перекрасилась в розовый, Нюша – в красный

With the arrival of the heat stars have started to experiment with his looks.

Spring – a time of change. Someone starts a new novel, someone updates a wardrobe, and Olga Buzova decided to change hair color. Now she’s not just platinum blonde, and blonde with a pink tinge.

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The reasons for the change of the image of the star presenter to hide did not become. It turns out that this Preobrazhenie is associated with another photo shoot.

“I like that. Do not worry, this color I did for today’s shoot… And it will soon wash off. Although I’d like”, – said the star in his personal microblog on Imstagram.

By the way, Olga Buzova not the only one who surprised fans with a change of image. In a fiery-red dyed hair singer Nyusha. By the way, also for filming. The result of the work of a stylist you can watch right now on the website Woman’s Day and, of course, in a new music video star under the name “Kiss” (read more here).

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Actress Irina Bezrukov followers Instagram and all I saw without make up, pale and with hair like a boy! New image the actress took the role in a drama for “Ray”, which, by the way, has all chances to become the new “Official novel”…

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