Buzova refuses to work despite illness

Бузова не отказывается от работы, несмотря на болезнь

This became known during the visit of the star in Krasnodar.

The first post leading project “Dom-2” (TNT) and singer who arrived on the day to make the restaurant-bar “the daughter of the cherry” with their set, scared all the fans.

“Ill. The body has failed?! To hurt me never. Sure Krasnodar will cure me today. The first drug – a stunning bouquet of tulips from my faithful assistant. Thank you! See you in “Daughter cherry,” wrote Olga.

Immediately appeared more sympathetic 3000 comments and good wishes: “get Well soon!”, “Hold On, Babe! All will be well. You have for sure. You deserve it,” “When the body is in a constant state of stress, and then relaxes, always starts to get sick. Get well soon! With love”.

Despite the temperature, the concert was canceled, and Olga actually lit in the bar until morning. And gave his poor health.

Looked beautiful in a white short dress with an interesting decor of the new collection. Sang along with the audience his hit “the sound of kisses,” played a dj set. Talked with came, constantly admitting they love. “You are sincere, you’re so wonderful, so beautiful, I just can’t tear your eyes away. Thank you for what you are tonight with us.” “Thank You, Krasnodar. Take care of yourself and not get sick. Thank you for been with me today. I love you”.

But it seems that despite all the support, she still does not feel very. Today’s photo of sisters Anna Olga Buzova confirms this: “Visited your bulavochka @buzova86 #sister#nebulae”.

But the spouse of Olga footballer Dmitry Tarasov has not commented on the disease more recently, his beloved wife. He is now resting in hot countries, and accompanied by his mother.

Recall that the rumors about the divorce Tarabrikov confirmed in early December. Olga and Dimitri arrived in the capital’s registry office, statements about divorce. The tale long in 5 years come the end of December 30 – Olga and Dmitry will receive your divorce certificate and a stamp in the passport on the termination of marriage.

My Thanks to you I have no words for the whole club sweat with me at least it is worth living love you#viagranon#molytisidae#ozvuchivali#on#Astana

Video posted by Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Dec 17 2016 in 6:06 PST