Buzova on the horse, emaciated Loboda: highlights of the award MUZ-TV

Бузова на коне, похудевшая Лобода: яркие моменты премии МУЗ-ТВ Many celebrities chose red carpet original outfits. Special excitement was caused by outfits Svetlana Loboda, Regina Todorenko and Olga Buzova. The latter appeared on the red carpet on a horse.
Бузова на коне, похудевшая Лобода: яркие моменты премии МУЗ-ТВ

Premiya Muz-TV every year is one of the brightest events of the Russian show-business. 2018 is no exception. The ceremony gathered the most successful local musicians. They tried to surprise fans of not only numbers, but also their images.

So, many viewers were shocked at how transformed Svetlana Loboda. Just a few weeks ago, the star gave birth to a second daughter, but the award she appeared in a short black dress that emphasized her slender waist. Apparently, the singer started active work on your body immediately after the baby’s born.

Бузова на коне, похудевшая Лобода: яркие моменты премии МУЗ-ТВ

The interest of fans called the outfit Regina Todorenko. The fact that for several weeks there are rumors about the interesting position of the presenter. Fans have suggested that the dress is the star of “the eagle and Tails” tried to hide rounded tummy. She’s a young woman posted on the Instagram post, which hinted at the imminent appearance of the firstborn.

“It’s been almost nine months I’m carrying this miracle that will soon be born. It’s hard to describe these feelings and emotions when you realize how much now depends on you. Of course, I’m a little scared, because it’s a big responsibility. But I very long prepared for this. There are very few” – shared TV presenter.
Бузова на коне, похудевшая Лобода: яркие моменты премии МУЗ-ТВ

Another surprise award was the appearance of Tatiana Tereshinoy. Presenter Georgy Ivashchenko hinted that the singer is pregnant for the second time. However, she chose to avoid answering, saying only that soon will become a mother.

Egor Krid also surprised fans. The fact that many viewers were expecting a joint release with the winner of the show “the Bachelor” Daria Lukinoj. However, the actor chose to appear in front of fans along with their parents.

Бузова на коне, похудевшая Лобода: яркие моменты премии МУЗ-ТВ

Well, of course, all the spectators ‘ attention was riveted on Olga Buzova, which is used to shock the audience. This year TV presenter appeared on horseback. For the ceremony she chose Quinceanera dress with huge slalom. During the interview, the skirt of the dress accidentally came off, but that didn’t stop the singer with dignity out of the situation and continue to pose for the cameras.

Many artists chose to appear on the red carpet with the other halves and children. So, djigan was published together with his wife Oksana Samoilova and two daughters. Fiancee of rapper picked up for me and my girls like the dresses of the princesses, so the family received the applause of the fashion critics.

No less attention was paid to the musical numbers of the award. Dima Bilan put on quite a show, along with ballet, and Elena Temnikova has impressed the audience with the sensuality of a performance of their hit single “Not fashionable”.

However, the main intrigue was who would get the coveted Golden plates. Voting continued for many weeks, and in the end awards went to the best of the best.


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