Buzova made fun of his unsealed correspondence

Бузова высмеяла свою же вскрытую переписку

Miguel and Sergei Svetlakov on the set of the show “Dancing” joked the presenter, not sparing her feelings.

Olga Buzova has always been a popular girl, but in the last month, her name does not descend from pages of Newspapers and magazines. And all because of the scandalous divorce with her husband Dmitry Tarasov. Yes a couple of them already discussed almost more than Jolie and pitt!

As the TV presenter still won’t talk about the reasons for their breakup, the journalists try to guess them yourself and follow every step and word star. Last week, for example, the party discussed which revealed personal correspondence Oli with her mother, PR agent, and even Dmitry Nagiyev, which Buzova sent very explicit messages and even erotic videos. Naturally, someone thought it was a shame for the presenter, they say, now her reputation is tarnished forever. And Olga, in turn, loses his composure and sense of humor. The other day she came to shoot the show “Dancing” on TNT, where, together with Miguel and Sergei Svetlakova had a good laugh over her current life situation. And Olya first touched on this subject!

— I only “Votsap” nothing, laughing, turned to His colleagues.

— So you have now a new “Votsap”, the old-you have printed, – joked in response, Sergei Svetlakov, then Miguel literally fell under the table laughing.

Olya is also genuinely laughed. And appealed to the audience: “Here are all your own? And everything that happens here stays just between us?”

Of course, Olga, the air is definitely not coming in. Like other prank your colleagues on Buzova spoken this evening. After one of the rooms Olga managed to blurt out something absurd, which even had to reshoot the episode. And while shot a brace, Miguel and Sergei Svetlakov, do not hold back in expressions and not sparing the feelings of Buzova, all joked and joked the presenter, walking up and level of its education, and “House-2”.

— I’m finally laughing, – confessed Olga, almost crying from laughter.