Buzova lit with friends of Dmitry Tarasov

Бузова зажгла в компании друзей Дмитрия Тарасова TV presenter and singer spent time with the players and their wives. Olga Buzova appeared at the festival in elegant evening dress with a plunging neckline. She actively shared photos from the event and looked incredibly happy.

Olga Buzova is considered to be the most popular girl Russia. She performs daily on stage as a singer or actress. Recently the TV presenter rarely spends time in the company of friends, because many creative projects require her constant attention and participation. However, for the birthday of Catherine the Wide star has postponed all his work.

Wife of Roman Shirokov has collected numerous friends in one of the best Moscow restaurants. The celebration was attended by Maria Pogrebnyak, Pavlyuchenko Larisa and many others. Olga Buzova touching rushed to congratulate the hero of the occasion on the page in Instagram.

“I congratulate our Princess birthday. I have the most beautiful girlfriend,” wrote the presenter.

Many fans of Olga noted that she often spends time in the company of friends of her former husband Dmitry Tarasov. Roman Pavlyuchenko, Roman Shirokov and Pavel Pogrebnyak previously communicated well with the ex-spouse Buzova.

Not so long ago in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” Maria Pogrebnyak has admitted that the couple famous players announced a boycott Tarasov – Buzova. They didn’t come to the wedding of Dimitri from Anastasia Kostenko, to support your friend.

Olga herself has repeatedly admitted that cherishes loved ones. She often puts pictures of girls, not getting tired to mention that their support is incredibly important to her.

For birthday Catherine shirokovoy TV presenter chose a luxurious floor-length dress with a plunging neckline. The girl made a bright evening make-up, and the fans are almost unanimously recognized her image is extremely successful.

Throughout the evening, Olga had fun with friends, dancing and singing. On Instagram she confessed that she always misses her Moscow friends, because the singer has for a long time to leave the capital in connection with a tour. Next week Buzova will go to a 9-day tour of the Far East, where he will present his music program.