Buzova left far behind Sobchak and Duda

Бузова оставила далеко позади Собчак и Дудя Experts have given the presenter the leadership of the ranking by revenue from advertising on the Network. Olga Buzova got around the famous bloggers and many colleagues in show business. Researchers call the amount of 50 million rubles for six months.
Бузова оставила далеко позади Собчак и Дудя

Recently, a Russian research Agency bloggers published the result of their work – they made a rating of the richest people in the Internet. Experts have estimated the total income for the period from July to December 2017. They calculated how much celebrities can earn in the time specified on their pages in social networks.

The RIABA, profit leading “House-2” Olga Buzova amounted to 47 million rubles only for publications in the microblog. For the life of the artist watch 12 million subscribers, but because she advertises a wide range of products.Olga Buzova earned more than 30 million divorce

A little behind her colleague Ksenia Borodina, she had five million to become the leader of the rating. According to experts, most often in social networks Borodina there are products for mothers and children, because two years ago she gave birth to her second child. Almost two times less than that earned by the candidate in presidents of Russia and the former leading the famous Celestron Ksenia Sobchak.

Бузова оставила далеко позади Собчак и Дудя

As estimated by experts, that the three leaders were able to overtake and well-known bloggers are creating video content on YouTube. Valentin Petukhov (known online under the name Wylsacom), Amiran Sardarov, Nikolay Sobolev, Yuri Dude and Sasha Spielberg can only dream about the profits that get Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina.

In descending order in rating of the richest stars of show business, earning online, RIABA pointed out Anna Khilkevich, Maria Kozhevnikov, Nastasya Samburski, Aizu Anokhin, Alain Shishkov, Victoria Lopyreva and Victoria Bonia.

“This trend stems from the fact that the advertising market in the blogosphere is directly linked to the content created by the blogger. Integration in commercials advertising products that are not interesting to the audience or makes it negative, can lead to inefficiencies and even loss of subscribers. Therefore, bloggers can’t afford to take on advertising of all products in a row. At the same time, most of the stars of show business advertise almost all categories of goods, receiving more income through more advertising,” – experts say.