Buzova is preparing to repeat the success of the show “ProjectorParisHilton”

Бузова готовится повторить успех ведущих шоу «Прожекторперисхилтон» In the Internet appeared the frames from the shooting of the pilot editions of the new project of the First channel. According to experts it is women’s response to the popular show with Ivan Urgant, Garik Martirosyan, Alexander Tsekalo and Sergey Svetlakov.
Бузова готовится повторить успех ведущих шоу «Прожекторперисхилтон»

At the beginning of September in mass media the information appeared that the First channel can produce new show “womanish revolt”. According to unconfirmed official data, leading the program were Olga Buzova, Sofiko Shevardnadze, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Yulia Baranovskaya Elena Abitaeva. Last week in “Ostankino” was held the program was shot. Apparently, we are talking about the pilot editions of the TV show, premiere date of which has not been discussed.

Meanwhile, the Network has already appeared pictures taken on the filming of the program. At a number of photos of invited experts shows pose together with Olga Buzova and Sofiko Shevardnadze, held by folder title “woman’s rebellion”. Dentist Igor Lemberg has shared his impressions of participation in the project on his page in Instagram.

“So, you know, women’s response to Chamberlain, I mean the dork with the “ProjectorParisHilton”, I mean us men. The four leading ladies passionately and with their inherent passion discussed political and world news with invited experts, specialists and twelve angry men. The pressure and energy of the leading ladies making the format and style of transmission is unforgettable, and sometimes subdreamer” – said the man.

Lemberg also reveal other details of the upcoming TV show. According to the man, one of the main topics of discussion was news from the festival “New wave” in Sochi. Then a popular TV presenter cuddled with the king of Russian pop scene Philip Kirkorov.

“Everything appears to be Grand next. Minds captured Mademoiselle Olga Buzova, and the news that at the concert she gets on her knees to Philip Kirkorov! The audience was particularly concerned with the question whether she felt the reaction. Huge news! He could not see did not believe it. Will be something to tell the grandchildren. Philip’s eyes I will remember for a long time…” said the dentist.

Informed sources on the First channel, told reporters that the broadcaster removed a lot of pilots, not all of which are broadcast. Rumors about a new show has not received official confirmation, so fans leading we can only guess what happens in the corridors “Ostankino”. It is possible that the project is not yet approved by management First.

Meanwhile, Olga Buzova actively storming of the Russian show-business. Not so long ago she presented the video for the song “Hit parade” from the debut solo album “the sounds of kisses”, which will premiere this fall. Olga Buzova fully naked during the video shooting