Бузова подарила мужу золотую бритву за 2 тысячи долларов

At the request of the presenter jewellers graced the razor logo of FC “locomotive”, where he plays Dmitry Tarasov.

So the gift was not just expensive, personalized and truly unique. Than Olga immediately boasted on his Instagram.

“What to give the man who has everything? And that gift constantly reminded of you! I opted for shaving machine made of gold. She chose the color and design. After that I created a unique monogram with the logo of the football club of my husband,” Olga wrote on his page in the social network.

That Dmitry Tarasov will always remember the wife, approaching the mirror with a gold razor in hand, we have no doubt. The more that the price of the gift really APB – 2 thousand dollars, or 130 thousand rubles.

However, it also is more expensive! About Woman’s Day said the company, where Olga Buzova has acquired a unique gift for her beloved husband.

“On ordinary machines the price ranges from 90 to 250 thousand rubles, it all depends on the materials. But there are products and more expensive with inlays of diamonds or emeralds,” explained the authors of the Golden razor.

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It turned out that for the decoration of personal machines used Stingray leather or engraving ivory and black rhodium. In General, every whim for your money.

By the way, the same company belongs to an absolute record in the world luxury-razors, but the specific price of their most expensive products products the authors called didn’t want, transparently hinting that this figure has not with five and six zeros.

So the stars on the note, the more expensive gifts, our celebrities are not uncommon. Recall that recently Sergey Shnurov gave his wife the shoes,”louboutins” at the price of a good car, and a little before Matilda Shnurova pleased her husband-musician collectible vintage car “Chevrolet” for 6 million rubles.

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