Buzova first shared his emotions after the breakup with her husband

Бузова впервые поделилась эмоциями после разрыва с мужем

Olga confessed to fans that the only thing she wants is to cry.

In the news about the imminent divorce Buzova and Tarasova at first few believed, too perfect it seemed they were a couple. But the facts say otherwise. After discharge from the hospital ( Dima was treated after the injury) the player thanked for the support of only the mother. And soon Olga, taking the dogs moved out of their luxury apartments.

To comment on the disagreement, the spouses are not in a hurry. But on the weekends Olya still broke the silence.

And although to go into details, the famous blonde got, she shared with subscribers of the most cherished – their emotions.

“And even if you want to howl…You grit your teeth, smiling proudly…Say, Lived, live and will live. I’m happy, and I do not doubt,” wrote Olga in Instagram.

Fans immediately began to comfort the TV host.

“Olya, we are with you”, “You are worthy of great love and you’ll get it”, “don’t cry a heart breaks” – rushed to comfort the fans.

Words of support Buzova also expressed younger sister Anna and a colleague at the telestroke Ksenia Borodina. She asked journalists to have a conscience and to enable Ola to recover.

We will remind, Buzova and Tarasov met five years ago. And soon after they met and got married. About her love to her husband Olya kept repeating all these years and even brought them a special gastesi network: “tarabusi” and “moymoy”.

For Dmitry this was the second marriage. At the moment of acquaintance with Olga he’s still married. In addition, from his first marriage he has a daughter.