Бузова откровенно расскажет об изменах Leading decided to become closer to the subscribers of his microblog, so I offered to run a separate heading in Instagram, in which she will discuss with the users of the social network of their questions. Fans Buzova supported the idea of stars.

      Бузова откровенно расскажет об изменах

      TV presenter Olga Buzova, whose “Instagram” look more than 5 million people, decided to establish contact with their fans. Leading plans to discuss with people their questions and topics. Buzova made a Declaration of love to his followers and said that will create entries with the hashtag #nadinemolloy.html under which the review, it will communicate with subscribers.

      “My good, I was thinking, how about feedback? We can once a week to discuss here are relevant to life topics, to share ideas, maybe even tips! Can talk about anything: love, work, friendship, meals, flirting, betrayal, infidelity! Everything! What do you think? And where do we start? I want to have with you contact and communication” – announced his idea Olga.
      Бузова откровенно расскажет об изменах

      Fans were very happy the initiative of the leading “House-2”. Many admire the cheerfulness of her and wonder how she managed to become so successful, so to hear her tips and life stories.

      We can talk about travel”, “When are you guys going to tell us what means to and from tanning do you use? How to achieve such a tan?”, “About my personal life and relationship with her husband – how long used, what was the problem”, “Let’s talk about food,” suggested topics subscribers account Buzova.

      Famous blonde amazes with their talents. Buzova manages to design clothes, write songs, lead various projects and act in serials. In the near future fans waiting for more new work of Olga, which she announced some time ago. “Started writing the book. I very long went to it, and now the time has come when I can no longer remain silent”, – informed fans of His.

      By the way, Olga have told, that from an early age used to work, as she likes to live in luxury. “When I had a really good earnings, I got a little carried away. I ceased to know the expense of money and could the entire salary to keep things. I, like any other girl, love to dress up. We even my husband and a Shopaholic – I love shopping. But that was long ago, and I was able to stop himself in time” – recalls Olga. The luxurious life of Olga Buzova is the envy of the fans

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