Buzova called Kostenko “some woman from Rostov»

Бузова назвала Костенко «какой-то женщиной из Ростова» Leading “House-2” for the first time spoke to the new wife of the ex-spouse. The singer openly spoke about cheating ex-husband, after which he was disappointed in men. Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov has divorced 30 December of 2016.

Olga admitted that after divorce not ready to start a serious relationship. So today she devotes all free time to family and friends, who knows from childhood. According to the leading “House-2”, her future partner needs to be confident enough to not be frightened of its popularity. At the same time, celebrity does not want to see near me a man who is profiting from her success. Olga noted that for a long time did not want to meet the opposite sex. So much she’s disappointed in men and marriage.

“Fans will have to do a great job, I have to be able to trust him. For a year I’m alone for a long time did not want to communicate with men. And it’s completely natural after what happened to me. Absolutely do not understand the man who seven years with his wife sleeping in the same bed, and the next day – BAM – and there already is a woman from Rostov!”– said Olga.

According to star, she often meet gentlemen who want to profit at the expense of her success and fame. Celebrity even learned to recognize dishonest suitors. “I met with a young man in General of the company: sitting at the table having dinner, laughing. Saw that he liked me. Then he volunteered to carry out and suddenly says, “Let’s take a picture!”Falls on me glass dome will be closed for seven locks and wear a burqa! “Why do you photograph, when you communicate with me?”thought I,” – shared the actress. Olga Buzova: “I said, “Yes!»

The presenter even tried to have a relationship with the ocean, where it is not so well known. However, in America it caught a nasty disappointment. The alien found out that she was a celebrity and begging me to do with Olga selfie, then immediately posted on Instagram. “For me, a “fiancé” soon lost its charm,” said star. Images of Olga Buzova: how to change the media personality

Olga noted that Boyfriends often send her huge bouquets of roses, and instead require to advertise them. “How frustrating! Fear, it may not: just do not believe that someone can be with me not for profit,” complained a leading “House-2”.

Also the star said that he prefers to relax in the company of relatives, her family even had a tradition. Olga happy surprises loved ones around the world. Every time you select a new point on the map, the singer pays exciting adventures all invited. Usually on these trips Buzova notes remarkable for her date. So, last year, Olga went to celebrate mom’s birthday in Rome, and the year before – a star in the company of family flew out of Amsterdam. However, the grandmother of the stars Tamara S. is not always the taste of the tour, which chooses granddaughter.Olga Buzova spoils the fan of intimate photos

“On the street of red lanterns went out with my mom and sister, and the grandmother in “shame” did not want to watch. I love to travel, last year spent abroad longer than for five years of marriage” – shared Buzova.

Despite the setbacks in his personal life, Olga is still hoping to meet a decent man that will give her true love and sincere feelings. “I need a man who will always support and if necessary – protect you from the offenders, will shoulder. Love me like this – unlike any other!”– said Olga in an interview with “Caravan of stories”.