Buzova became better dressed after breaking up with husband

Бузова стала лучше одеваться после разрыва с мужем

The presenter continues to surprise fans with a change in appearance.

Divorce from her husband Dmitry Tarasov became the reason of changes in the appearance and behavior of Olga Buzova. First star shocked friends and fans changed figure: because of the feelings associated with parting, and Olga lost a lot of weight. Some even suspected that the presenter started anorexia. Following this, Buzova decided on a radical change of image. At the end of November, she turned from platinum blonde to bright brown hair. But this metamorphosis is not over.

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At a party friends Olga Buzova appeared in the outfit which did not fit the usual image of teledive. Choice of the star fell on a long elegant bright dress in color block style with a deep neckline. And this despite the fact that usually Buzova is rather vulgar mini-dress in conjunction with stilettos and the platform. It seems, divorce has completely changed the style of Olga. And she directly said in his microblog. “The new me. A new life. And I love her”, signed Buzova a picture in which she appeared in Regal toilet.