Buzova and Tarasov started to save

Бузова и Тарасов начали экономить

The TV presenter and her husband Dmitry Tarasov became more balanced attitude to spending and plan a budget

We are accustomed to the fact that Olga regularly publishes on his page in the social network luxury items: jewelry, cars, goes to have a rest on luxurious resorts. As it turned out, the girl decided to moderate appetites.

Buzova says that marriage has largely revised its Outlook on life. Including its financial aspects.

“Despite the fact that, I think the man should be the breadwinner, I n is hard to put their finances if the situation requires it, – answered Buzova on the question of the impact of the trauma of her husband on the family budget. — I’m not greedy. Provide your grandma, help mom, dad, sister. Disputes and problems about money, my husband does not arise. Moreover, in recent years we have become much sensible attitude to spending. If at first did not look at the price now discussing that can afford that – no, I need to cut back on requests”.

Leading “House-2” also admitted that the couple has become more economical, as both think about the future and build far-reaching plans.

“Changed our life in General. Parties and appearances have gone by the wayside, we increasingly want to be alone in the apartment, – said Olga. — Yes, and I changed my priorities. The main focus now is family and work. Others do not spray” (read more HERE).