Бузова и Бартрутдинов сбежали в совместный отпуск The presenters shared a video with a luxury yacht. Olga Buzova went to Thailand, and after some time joined by resident “Comedy club”. Fans are confident that the stars have not only not friendly relations.

A little over a year ago, Olga Buzova divorced from footballer Dmitry Tarasov. Since then, the presenter repeatedly complained of loneliness. She admitted that doesn’t trust men and so do not want to see anyone. Instead, the star devotes all time to work. Over the past few months, she recorded first solo album, gave many concerts, combining a new hobby with working on the “House-2”.

Now Buzova enjoy the rest. For the first time in two years, the aspiring singer flew into a full-fledged vacation for a few weeks. She actively shares her photos in revealing swimwear, and recently even posted a video with the participation of Timur Batrutdinova.

“Dear friends, girls, I want to comment on the rumors about Olga Buzova. We just took a picture. Me and this girl have nothing in common,” – said in the course of movie Timur.

However, the frame also got Buzova who asked the comedian to RUB her back, and sunscreen. Fans appreciated the joke, but some of them suspected that the stars are not only friends. “What? Would be a great couple, very beautiful”, “Here it is happiness! A good man, but still on the boat”, “Olga, don’t miss Timur. It suits you” – opinions of fans of the presenter in the comments.

Earlier Batrutdinov and Buzova already fueled rumors about his alleged affair. In early December, they posted several joint frames from the set of the Comedy Club.

“The two main bachelors looking for their half. Dear half, if you can not find in the near future, we with Olga get married! This is a threat! The clock is ticking”, – has signed one of the photos Timur.

Itself Buzova prefers not to comment on personal life. The girl confirmed that she courted a few men, but she was unable to trust them. Recently “StarHit” it became known that the memory of Olga was a very wealthy fan. He’s failing TV presenter flowers and insists on dates.

Olga Buzova a new powerful fan

In the coming days, the aspiring singer is planning to gain strength in Thailand. It was here in a luxurious Villa she will celebrate her birthday, which will take place on January 20. Instagram Olga wrote that she was invited to a distant country best friends to arrange a holiday not only for himself but for them.