Buy the property and issue a permanent residence in France and Monaco

Покупаем недвижимость и оформляем ПМЖ во Франции и Монако

The Russians may be a lot of good reasons for registration of permanent residence in France and Monaco. If you do not take into account such of them as marriage or various exchange programs, probably the most popular occasion to consider the acquisition of real estate property.

You can spend hours listening to, watching, reading about France, but once here once many just start to hurt the dream of buying their own home, and even lock in these wonderful places. For those lucky ones who do manage to realize his dream, opening endless prospects of obtaining an excellent education and a good job after which you can relaxing in your French home.

People with high incomes, those who are on the dream does not need much time of course, ideal is literally immersed in the glamour of Monaco. But in any case, buying any property in this romantic country, is primarily a very profitable investment that with the right approach can bring substantial profit. Yes, although the approach of any and do not need property prices usually always rise and what is bought today for some money tomorrow can cost much more expensive. And it is based on many factors such as geographical position, climate and so on, with absolute regularity. A constant interest of foreign investors to the French real estate market, another proof.

An important role is also played by the fact that all French property is insured against all kinds of natural and manmade disasters. And the law ensures the growth of housing prices, a proportional increase in the cost of utilities. Buying property here do not have to wait for higher prices on the market, if you say you don’t plan to live in it all year round it can be very successfully to deliver long-term lease with not bad income. To buy a property, be it land, apartment or home in France or Monaco can any Russian. But for a comfortable stay, to be able to control your acquisition of a single tourist visa is unlikely to do.

What would become the full owner of your property you will need to apply for permanent residence in France or a residence permit (permit). And to do all this will have only according to the letter of the law, it is not common to buy things in the underground passages. Incidentally, the French authorities are quite friendly to those wishing to obtain a permanent residence card, it is expressed in various social benefits and support programs. But I think people afford the purchase of real estate in this country, such information is of little interest. So in order to avoid problems with the law, have to deal with the registration of the official stay in France or Monaco. As a variant here can be considered a residence permit which will allow quite legally in the country for up to ten years. The residence permit is usually granted within 2-4 months after submission of all required documents. But the documents for the filing of their Embassy, will have to collect a great many. Knowledgeable people, such as specialists Cofrance, suggest to serve them even more than necessary for reliability. Making the document legal force is possible only in the country issuing the document, in our case, in Russia, and their translation by a sworn translator of the host country.

In Monaco, things are even more complicated, due to certain nuances. Among the documents required in both cases will be the same as usual and the passport for each family member. Birth certificates and curriculum vitae, tax returns and so on. Need even information on all marriages and divorces. Of course this is all very tedious and from the first time may not lead to a positive result. It is best to seek the assistance of highly qualified professionals of the aforementioned company “Korans”. More than a decade of experience in this field and personal professionalism and responsibility of the head of the company Vitaly Arkhangelsky will guarantee a positive solution to all Your issues associated with obtaining PMH and residency permit in France and Monaco. While lawyers Cofrance will address the issues with your new residence, you can focus your attention on something more pleasant, such as on exquisite French cuisine!