Buxom resident of Urals tricked Polish businessman for 8 million

Пышнотелая жительница Урала обманула польского бизнесмена на 8 миллионов Severoural’sk city court found 35-year-old resident of the village of Kalia Anastasia Tyutryumov guilty of fraud. Buxom woman used a photo of a model instead of his on a Dating site. In the Network she made virtual love with businessman from Poland and was invited from him for about 8 million rubles.
Пышнотелая жительница Урала обманула польского бизнесмена на 8 миллионов

Resident of a small village in the Urals, decided to earn an unusual way. Anastasia most high the founded signed up on a Dating site. Instead of personal photos, a woman loaded the blond and slim blondes that are quite similar.

Anastasia soon became acquainted with a lonely businessman from Poland Adam’s Flat, the woman was presented by Catherine. Between virtual friends began a romantic correspondence. Communicating in a Network, most high the founded found out that her new friend, a very wealthy man. The woman began to ask her to transfer considerable sums. Anastasia assured Adam that the money she required treatment after an accident in which she received severe injuries. In the message, the inhabitant of the Ural village reported about relatives in need of costly rehabilitation after the accident. Virtual friend sent a touching message to the businessman that she fell ill with cancer mom. The entrepreneur has transferred more money, but, according to the “network” sweetheart, the mother could not be saved…

Пышнотелая жительница Урала обманула польского бизнесмена на 8 миллионов

Trusting the entrepreneur is transferred through one of the banking systems in Tyutryumov about 8 million and 300 thousand rubles. Of this amount pseudomodel cashed itself, part with the help of friends.

During the dialogue with the businessman’s mother, Anastasia, which is actually not sick with cancer, was able to buy a foreign car, and she buxom model two times flew to rest on the resorts of Krasnodar region. And most high the founded have arranged new furniture to his apartment. Two years Adam tried to meet virtual girlfriend Catherine. He invited the girl to join him in Poland, but every time she endured the trip. In the end, the patience of the businessman has burst – he scored the virtual friend on the Internet. Then found out that the photo belongs to Ukrainian model.

Пышнотелая жительница Урала обманула польского бизнесмена на 8 миллионов

The businessman has hired a private detective from Yekaterinburg to find the crook, with which he had so long talked on the phone. He soon figured out that with him so did the talking 34-year-old Anastasia most high the founded from the Ural village of Kalia, which was overweight and never enjoyed male attention. The woman has not been previously convicted, was not married and has no children. Anastasia runs a regular accountant businessman of an average hand.

Soon the businessman has written the application in police on Tyutryumov, then against it criminal case under article “Fraud”. The decision of the court, she was found guilty of committing a crime. The judiciary has appointed a woman to two years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of General regime, and ordered the defendant to pay a half-million fine to the state income. In civil proceedings pseudomodel will have to pay damages to a Polish businessman and return him to about 8 million rubles.

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