Button grew up and went through a breakup with a guy

Пуговка выросла и пережила расставание с парнем
Katya Starshova has celebrated its 16th birthday.

Katya Starshova mom

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Katya Starshova, the famous button from the TV series “Daddy’s girls” recently celebrated its 16th anniversary. In honor of this momentous occasion, mother of the girl, figure skater Elena Mikhaylovskaya, shared several facts from the life of the daughter.

As it turned out, Kate deliberately did not link their lives with the acting. She explains that her acting career is too dependent on other people: Directors, producers. She, despite his tender age, and not accustomed to depend on anyone.

Starshova finishes school externally and at all preparing to enroll in medical school. After the insane popularity as a child, Katya decided to get a reliable medical profession. Girlfriend loves chemistry and biology that will certainly help her cope with the entrance tests to the faculty of medicine one of the leading universities of the country.

When he wanted to capture how I look at my boyfriend…?

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Mikhaylovskaya also revealed the secret about the personal life of his daughter. She said that Kate isn’t Dating anyone. But more recently Starshova published in a personal blog photo with her boyfriend named Dmitri. Apparently, the young people broke up.

“She definitely has no boyfriend, — said Elena in an interview with Wday. — There are a few friends: both boys and girls, with whom she spends free time.”

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