Пуговка из «Папиных дочек» стала невестой 16-year-old Katya Starshova showed a wedding dress. She posted an intriguing frame in the white outfit on his Instagram. Fans of the star immediately came to the conclusion that she was going to marry so overwhelmed her with congratulations.
Пуговка из «Папиных дочек» стала невестой

Actress Katia Starshova has become famous all over the country once played a major role in the TV series “Daddy’s girls”. Her button was almost the most popular character serials of the project. Now the girl pays much more attention to my career. She has been skating and often puts photos from competition or training.

However, this time Starshova has decided to intrigue fans. She showed a photograph in a wedding dress.

“What a beautiful dress, right?”signed photograph of Catherine.

In the picture the girl appeared in a flowing white outfit with lace trim on the bodice. Starkovoy hanging around numerous wedding dresses. Fans immediately came to the conclusion that the star decided to legalize the relationship with her boyfriend, who is her partner in figure skating. Previously, Kate was often posted photos of with boys, always confessing her love for him.

Many condemned such a quiet girl, because she’s only 16 years old. However, there were also those who supported Catherine in her desire to get married.

“Is marriage going? The dress is really beautiful”, “I recently read in the comments that she’s pregnant. Maybe that’s why married and leaves”, “the Outfit is beautiful but I think Kate tried it on just because” – shared their views fans Starkovoy.

In the end, fans came to the conclusion that the girl is unlikely to marry at such a young age. According to them, she just decided to try on the outfit and shared their impressions with followers. Anyway, many fans of Katie noted her impeccable taste.

Starshova, and she repeatedly stated that she won’t be in the first place is the quarry. For a time the girl refused the actor’s ambitions for sporting achievements. She was able to win several awards at major competitions, but is not going to stop there.

The latest movie featuring Katie came out in 2009. Recently there was news that the actress will return to the role of Buttons in the full-length continuation “Daddy’s daughters”. Fans were delighted by this news, because now they will be able to see stars in their favorite roles.