Алё, Смольный? Новый тренд: позвони незнакомцу в Питер

Now any inhabitant of the planet can communicate with a talkative resident of St. Petersburg and to discuss with them weather, white nights or the eternal theme of love, is only to gain a beautiful figure +7 (812) 930-17-03. A new project under the symbolic name “Petersburg” was created by lady Victoria Evdokimova.

Any person, regardless of his place of residence – even from Africa, you may call this number and talk with a completely unknown person. However, for “random Petersburger” call from the other end of the world would not be surprised. To receive calls only those who have downloaded the free app “Petersburg Room”, is available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

“It’s analog so inspired me The Swedish Number – says Victoria herself. Is a number where I can call and know that I will always answer.”

The project launched just two days ago, however, this unusual service is already managed to take advantage of more than 2,500 people from Russia, France, Sweden and dozens of countries. Ask about the weather – who would doubt about where to find your love in St. Petersburg.

“The man called and asked: but what’s the catch? Say, where are you from? Peter. Explained. Said, so much noise, so much noise, share the first participants of the project experience.

However, there are those pundits who have been thinking how to use this project in order to make fun of your friends or not so friendly boss. “I’ve been one person not like it. Download me this app and put a redirect. Let will communicate with the same. Also with the help of this app you can anonymously get the boss,” said one of the residents of the city on the Neva.

Woman’s Day contacted the author who in the blink of an eye the popular project Victoria Evdokimova and find out how to create a “Room of St. Petersburg”.

Victoria, you as a lady to the new project, probably inspired by “Leningrad telephone air”, popular in our city in the 70-80-ies of the last century?

Алё, Смольный? Новый тренд: позвони незнакомцу в Питер

About “Leningrad telephone air” I honestly have not heard anything. And the project I was inspired by the example of Sweden. As soon as I heard about The Swedish Number, I decided to do a similar project in Russia, starting with his hometown. And, unlike the Swedes, to focus it not only on foreigners but also for Russians. We have a huge country, one only Petersburg – as half of Sweden. I think it’s very important that people were able with each other to communicate.

That is, the Petersburg became the first but not the last city in your project?

Алё, Смольный? Новый тренд: позвони незнакомцу в Питер

Until the end of summer plan to launch this project in 19 cities of Russia: Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk… the Full list can be viewed on the website of “Number city” callrussians.ru.

Make a call can only Petersburger who have downloaded a free app. Admit it, you were the first who did it?

Алё, Смольный? Новый тренд: позвони незнакомцу в Питер

I, though a lady, but almost ten years of living in Moscow. After graduating from St. Petersburg state University, almost immediately went to the capital. Here, got married, had children. So now I have no Petersburg of the SIM card. This is a very busy time. But as soon as I exhale, I’ll call the “random Petersburger” (laughs). But the stories they tell me are interesting. For example, a young man named Tom called in Petersburg and had an amazing talk with a girl, but then their conversation was interrupted. He wanted to somehow restore contact with her and was very upset that it’s all anonymous.

Surely Artem is no chance to find a girl?

Алё, Смольный? Новый тренд: позвони незнакомцу в Питер

While he didn’t find her. But specifically for such cases I quickly discovered the project’s page in Facebook so that people could find each other there, to chat, to share experiences. As this project is about communication. And I don’t mind if due to the “Petersburg Room” it will occur not only by phone but also online.

Well, if someone wants to make fun of a colleague or friend and downloading the app, then do forwarding on his number?

Алё, Смольный? Новый тренд: позвони незнакомцу в Питер

Technically, it is impossible. If the person is not downloaded to your phone app, number, our database will not appear.

By the way, who worked to develop the program itself?

Алё, Смольный? Новый тренд: позвони незнакомцу в Питер

At my own expense, I hired a group of application developers from Moscow, later agreed with the company “MegaFon” on the provision of rooms and technical support. We had planned to launch the project on Friday, July 1. But he himself launched. And it all started with the fact that I published a post on his page in Facebook. I have 500 friends, so the news of this spread around the Internet pretty quickly. It was very much a warm, kind feedback. I am very happy that it turned out to be necessary.

Victoria, and where to teach such specialists?

Алё, Смольный? Новый тренд: позвони незнакомцу в Питер

At the faculty of journalism (laughs). More than 10 years I was doing PR and strategic communications, and now, being in the decree, was in April, one of the organizers SelfMamaForum in Moscow. In addition, in 2015 I invented and launched together with Anna Zyryanov project Work At Home. It focuses on mothers who went on maternity leave and have only a few hours a day to work.

Who is growing up in your family?

Son Maksim is a year old, her daughter Masha will soon be six years. Daughter already understands that the mobile phone is not only a toy but also a means of communication. However, yesterday I called you she, and my niece which is 9 years old. She has a cell phone and she called on the “Petersburg Room” and told everyone that this project has come up with her aunt. And got pretty into it, in my opinion, making calls 10. However, all this happened under the supervision of their parents and it was very cute (laughs).

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