But preparing for marriage

Певица Слава готовится к замужеству The actress is making plans for next year. On the eve of holidays Thank bought an expensive watch worth 800 thousand rubles during the charity auction of Grigory Leps. This gift star will present the beloved Anatolia Daniliskiu. According to star, she plans to play with him wedding.

      The singer’s Fame began to prepare for the New year in advance. The artist decided to choose friends of such gifts that will fall exactly to their liking. The star attended a charity auction of Grigory Leps, which purchased the watch for 800 thousand rubles. Journalists who attended the event, found that this accessory – gift for the beloved singer, ex-Director “National reserve Corporation Anatoly Danilinho. According to Fame, she plans to play with him wedding. “Next year we want to get married,” said star.

      However, such information has surprised fans of the artist, because they know that over a long period of time star in every way delay the wedding talk. According to some, Anatoly is married, although is in a relationship with the singer for about 15 years. Together they are raising a daughter Antonina.

      “He divorced his wife and we try not to bring this up, not to offend anyone. And why, in fact, to get a divorce? That’s why I’m not getting married and divorce is not think. If I get married, it’s probably in 50 years,” said Glory in a broadcast TV show.

      The journalists wanted to hear from her the details, but the artist does not like to discuss his personal life. “While I will say no more,” said Glory edition of the Russian Showbiz.

      Recently, the actress became increasingly share with the beloved in social networks. Recently she showed a cute frame in which they pose in front of the Christmas tree. “My only and beloved man in the world!”, – said Glory to God in the caption to the picture. Fans of the singer wished them always to love and to be loved. “Happiness for many years!”, “The perfect couple. Even their noses are similar!”, “You look lovely”, “Cool man you are, Nastya!”, “As you both have eyes are burning!” wrote enthusiastic fans in the comments to the photo.

      By the way, in future Glory is planning to have another child. The singer is dreaming about the boy. “I think! But for this we need not only to think. To do! While it is impossible”, – jokingly said Glory.

      Recall that the singer was already married to Konstantin Morozov, however, their Union did not last long. Fame is raising her daughter Sasha, who was born in her first marriage.