But can deaf: the latest news from the hospital

Певица Слава может оглохнуть: последние новости из больницы

But the artist is experiencing is not so much because of illness, but because of the fact that forced to cancel the concerts.

The singer Glory was urgently hospitalized before a concert in Tver. Fans of the stars thought that the deterioration of health associated with overwork because of the tight schedule of the artist. However, it turned out, the reason is much scarier. Serious otitis, which Glory could even become deaf. She told about it in the video, filmed right in the hospital. Telling the latest news, the singer was literally in tears!

“My good, dear fan, I hope you will understand me, I love you very much. But for health reasons can’t come to Tver, Moscow and Tula! — apologized to fans Thank. — But the doctor said I will recover very soon from Kostroma will be able to give concerts in all the other cities! Forgive me once again, I have had to be in the hospital, but didn’t want to cancel concerts! Now you can become deaf in one ear. So I advise everyone to take care of your health! We will reschedule dates in Tula, Stupino and Tver and are sure to come! Once again, sorry! I hope for your understanding and support!”

Fans of the stars are not frightened for your favorite artist. And threw her words of support. That seems to work. Today Glory announced that she’s much better. And she nadeetsya her after a couple of days will be discharged from the hospital.

“I’m much better! And I have a good mood (probably a drip something tasty), and I even bared my sexy compression stockings! And honestly, thank you for such a warm and full support for messages, they really lift me and treat! And I wouldn’t be surprised if the doctor releases me before! Thank you, thank you and 10000000 thanks! All bring it in closer health and good night. I love you”.

Video posted by SLAVA (@nastya_slava) Oct 24 2016 at 3:01 PDT