Businessman Leonid Maloletov revealed about some interesting facts

Предприниматель Леонид Малолетов раскрыл о себе несколько интересных фактов
Soon the businessman Leonid Maloletov officially become the husband of his lover, model Sofia Kazakova.

Предприниматель Леонид Малолетов раскрыл о себе несколько интересных фактов

And while he is enjoying the final days of bachelorhood.

Looking at Instagram Leonid many wonder where the money for all these luxury cars, a yacht, traveling. Maloletov himself says that he is an entrepreneur, cryptomnesia, investments Do.Money Crypto-Angel and admits that, if you constantly look for excuses and do nothing – no chance to achieve anything.

“I already 5 years do not watch TV and advise you.
It is the absolute truth, when we come home and friends ask me how to turn on the TV, this question still puzzles me, and I vaguely mumble something like “Hmm, well, there is probably somewhere in the console should be or the cable can be moved”. About the fact that it is the perfect tool for manipulating the consciousness of the masses, I will write a separate post.

Now talking about something else.
Sometimes I want to relax and watch a gorgeous movie, because we ourselves are walking alive in the movie and can choose a film for our lives.
If you’ve read “Tafti priestess” by Vadim Zeland, will understand what it is about, but if not read – be sure to read, suggest.
About transerfing reality your humble servant will certainly also drop a few lines in the following publications.

Today I have a request – any ideas on a few exciting, unusual films that are memorable.
By the way I fucking go the movies with a surprise ending when you watch and think – well clear/clear, and then oops, that’s wow!
How’s that for Elon Musk)

In my top is: “Lucky number Slevin”, “Revolver”, guy Ritchie, Fight club, David Fincher and “Dangerous game Sloan”. And you?
Write in the comments what and why, I should be grateful there will be something to watch at your leisure.
Let’s have a club of film critics.
Hug, cheers.”.

Предприниматель Леонид Малолетов раскрыл о себе несколько интересных фактов

A recent Leonin revealed about some interesting facts that were published in another recording, alternate the truth and a lie:

“The continuation of the previous post.

Well, boys, it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff, and sort facts where true and where it is not true.
If you take into account the fact which the answer options were found most often, I think the results will surprise). Doing so – writing a fact, true or not and comment with explanations.
Let’s go.

Предприниматель Леонид Малолетов раскрыл о себе несколько интересных фактов

1) Your first money made at the age of 14, organizing point for the sale of balloons at the Moscow zoo.

True. It was, cool now to remember. Chopped cabbage as p….om Aki Conor McGregor. Even bribed the police to point worked in a regular mode. Repent, sinner)

2) 7 years I played football, the goal was to become a professional footballer.

Not true. I do 7 years I played football, but never set themselves the goal of a professional career.
Due to a knee injury I had to forget about it.

And so your humble servant is really quite worthy of kicking a ball. FC Strogino and Dynamo, Hello!)

Предприниматель Леонид Малолетов раскрыл о себе несколько интересных фактов

3) Bought my first bitcoin in October 2017.

True. And because they know that the topic is worthwhile. All those who think I rose to the crypt because it took the cue for$ 400, I dare to disappoint you. I also felt quite comfortable doing online business.
4) Twice broken nose.

True. A deviated septum, causing one nostril barely breathing and Sonia listening to my sweet snoring.
Know what you need to do the surgery, but even I ochkuyu. Broke it for me very well at the first training session of Boxing and the extreme. So to speak, greeted and said goodbye).

5) Rode in the Elevator with sting.

True. It was the case. So I go out to the store for bread, and there is a Joke.

Everything happened in the hotel Bulgari in Milan (when Sony was shooting at the Plane) together came up from the gym.
Go to the Elevator, and there’s sting.
It should be yourself. Sting, like sting.
In General, nothing unusual.

6) worked 3 years in Boxing.

True. Even often sparred with MS. SNiP off a noble p….her, but quickly progressing. Everything in life

7), 2 times broke my hand.

Not true. Hand broke only once, in a fight with a friend about his face. Then went to cast and the spoke. Who do we have here a winner in life?) maloletoff

8) Launched 10 successful projects in online business.

True. That is what it is. If I’m somewhat well versed in addition to the crypts, so is the traffic, lead generation, packaging, marketing network and so on.

9) are fluent In 2 foreign languages.

P…. As our wonderful Minister of sport – “mi ACNP Frome may HART John inglish.” Approximately this level is my knowledge of languages, but I must admit that thanks to frequent journeys and Sonia, my skill has grown well over the last couple of years. RIL current.

Understand? Suggest the younger generation to pay attention to the language. Definitely will not be superfluous.

10) Graduated from the prestigious Moscow gymnasium with a gold medal.

You will be surprised, but it’s damn true.

Gymnasium 1519.

Study to me was always very easy, never nothing crammed mother was happy.

Medal safely….Il immediately after delivery.

11) the first meeting took Sonya to eat hot dogs at the gas station.

True. Liked a girl? Now you know what to do. You’re welcome.

12) can’t Stand red/black caviar.

True. How do you actually eat?!) Place.

13) I Love techno.
Not true. One love rap, especially rap ru.
Versus all your business.
Thus the correct answer options of 2.7, 9, 13

The name of the winner now will post in stories.

All now think we are close, my dear lover captivating fiction in Instagram.

You know me a little better.
Hugged. Cheers. “.

View photos of Leonid and Sonya Kazakova here…

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